“Azpetrol”  Plastic Cards

Currently plastic cards are used in money circulation in more than 200 countries of the world. The plastic cards have been applied in the economically developed Western countries more widely and gradually excluded receipt books.  The biggest advantage of  plastic cards is minimizing stealing of our money.  Thus, if a card is  stolen, it is possible to  report the head office of the company and block the card.

“Azpetrol” company has applied “Petrol Plus Offline” system on cashless settlements since 2002, and started applying “the most modern and reliably secure   “Petrol Plus Online” program since 2011 taking into account the capacity of the new technologies du8e to increase of the number of the clients using that service.

Clients have been able to make payments via Master Card and Visa Card plastic cards at the petrol stations since 2006.

“Azpetrol” company made one more step in applying sale of fuel cards for providing the clients comfort in 2017.

By ordering fuel cards the clients have optimized the expenses they spend on petrol and hold effective control system. Thus, hereinafter clients will not need to come to the company’s head office to get a fuel card. They can enter the company’s website and order online fuel card.